Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Pickens Wastewater Treatment Plant
The Pickens Twelve Mile River WWTP is a .95 mgd average flow extended aeration tertiary (3 part) plant. The tertiary portion of the plant utilizes long retention time,duel stage activated sludge process for removal of BOD & COD,and simple stage reduction of ammonia. 
Construction was completed in the summer of 1999 & placed online following DHEC approval.  The modernized plant replaced a two treatment lagoon system in which chlorine gas & sulfur dioxide gas had been used for disinfection into a more environment friendly use of ultra violet lights. The plant can boast of being one of the first u.v. light plants for bacteria disinfection in the upstate area.
Serving over 1,300 waste-water taps in the City of Pickens area, the 12 mile river WWTP was designed & built with enough treatment capacity to accommodate most any business or industry thinking of joining our community in the foothills of South Carolina.