Police Department

Welcome to the Pickens Police Department!

Mission Statement:
The City of Pickens Police Department's mission is enforce the law, maintain order and to protect lives and property and the rights of all people.

As closely as possible, achieve a city that is free from crime and public disorder.

  • Service to our Community
  • Reverence for the Law
  • Zeal for Justice
  • Commitment to Leadership
  • Integrity in all we Say and Do
  • Respect for all Humanity
  • Quality through Continuous Improvement


We are committed to serving the community and protecting the rights of all people.  Consistent with this commitment, our Vision, Mission and Core Values; in concert with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, the Pickens Police Department will strive to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve and seek to enhance public safety.


We understand that we work in a diverse community in an ever changing society and political environment.  We are active participants in improving the quality of life in our community.  Our mandate is to do this with honor, integrity, committing ourselves to the highest ethical standards with a sincere desire to maintain the confidence of the public and maintain our legitimacy.