City of Pickens Receives Grant to Further Improve the City's Water Infrastructure

The City of Pickens has received a South Carolina Infrastructure Improvement Program (SCIIP) grant to be utilized to further improve the City’s water infrastructure system.

Administered by South Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA), a Water System Capital Improvement project was recently bid and approved for construction to begin in November 2023.

The project consists of approximately 2,500 LF 10” water main, 27,300 LF 8” water main, and 14,000 LF of 6” water main including approximately 35 fire hydrants, to replace old water lines throughout the service area, improve system hydraulics, and provide flow for fire protection.

The roadways to be affected include portions of Secona, Meadow Brook, Ponderosa, Windtree Ridge, Ossie Hayes, Tator Hill Mtn., Midway, Mountain Estates, Right Fork, Harris, Left Fork, and Meece Mill Roads.

Road shoulder, yard frontages, and driveways that are to be disturbed during construction will be returned to their original form following the installation of the new water main and services reconnections.