City of Pickens Recycling Program Ended January 25, 2024

REMINDER - the City of Pickens ended its recycling program on January 25. The City is no longer picking up recycled items, so please do not place these items at the curb as these items will not be picked up.
Previously, recycling at the landfill was paused due to the pandemic, and upon resuming, operated with restrictions. Only plastics labeled 1 or 2 (like bottles and jugs, excluding caps) were accepted on Wednesdays. While corrugated cardboard and aluminum were still accepted, all recyclables needed to be separated. These limitations led to similar discontinuations in other municipalities.
This change allows our public works team to focus on different services, including limb and brush collection. Residents wishing to recycle may still bring their recyclable items to the landfill.
Read more about the Pickens County Recycling Program here ==>