Local Market Conditions

City of Pickens at a Glance

Understanding who and where your customers are is extremely important. Trying to answer these questions is called “market research”. While we believe that Pickens is an excellent location for business, it is still important for you to research local market conditions in order to feel confident that your product or service is in demand by this area’s population.

Introduction to the Pickens Retail Market
Pickens is a unique market in several ways. It is a county seat in what has traditionally been a more rural county. As such, it functioned as a gathering place and retail center. Metropolitan growth in Upstate South Carolina is transforming Pickens County and this change has impacted Pickens. The City of Pickens has maintainied its independent identity while playing a key role in regional change. Nearby communities, Easley and Clemson, have experienced substantial growth over the past two decades and that growth is reaching Pickens in a more profound way. Downtown Pickens was the traditional core of retail and services for the community but has evolved into a specialty shopping, dining, and office district as basic goods retail stores have shifted to the corridors of the City.

Market Demographics
The primary trade area (the 29671 zip code) experienced remarkable growth (14.4%) in the decade of the nineties. The rate of growth declined in the decade between 2000 and 2012 to only 2.3% placing the current zip code population at 17,914. The population of the zip code is expected to grow slowly over the next five years to reach 18,066 residents.

Regionally, Pickens County has had a rate of growth slower than adjacent counties. Greenville County experienced an increase of 22% between 2000 and 2012 (meaning one in every five residents in Greenville County did not live there in 2000). Anderson County grew at 15%, Oconee County grew at 14% while Pickens County grew only 9%. It is very likely with continued growth, Pickens (enveloped by faster growing counties) will experience an uptick in growth. The primary trade area of 29671 had a median household income of $39,899.

For a full report, please see the Pickens Community Master Plan Charrette Report.

2014 Progress Report of the 5-year regional Comprehensive Economic Developments Strategy (CEDS)