Cross Connection Control

Cross connection means any actual or potential connection or structural arrangement between a public water supply and any other source or system through which it is possible to introduce into any part of the potable system any used water, industrial fluid, gas or substance other than the intended potable water with which the system is supplied. The main function of the Cross Connection Control Program is to eliminate the possibility of contamination within our system. In order to protect the potable public water supply, appropriate backflow prevention devices need to be in place. 

The City of Pickens Public Works staff work to locate and eliminate unprotected cross connections through our cross connection control program. In addition we maintain records pertaining to the location of existing backflow prevention assemblies, types and sizes of each assembly and test results. 

Cross Connections are classified by SCDHEC in four main categories: Low Hazard Cross Connection, Residential Lawn Irrigation System, High Hazard Cross Connection, and Fire Sprinkler Systems. Each connection has different requirements and users are required to consult with the Public Utilities Director before any new connections are allowed.

Backflow Preventions Devices shall meet the requirements of SCDHEC. SCDHEC publishes a list every year on approved backflow prevention devices.

The City of Pickens requires routine testing of backflow prevention devices according to State Primary Drinking Water Regulation R.61-58. Testing result shall be sent to the City of Pickens.

Send Testing Results to:

City of Pickens
Public Works Department
PO Box 217
Pickens, SC 29671

A List of common places that require a backflow prevention devices is shown below:

Car washes
Funeral homes
Hospitals/Health clinics
Lawn sprinklers
Dry cleaners
Hair salons or barbers
Photo processing labs
Chemical facilities
Public swimming pools
Chemical plating facilities

The City will provide a check valve at each water customer’s connection to prevent backflow into the public drinking water system. In addition any residential or commercial irrigaition connection must have an approved testable backflow device maintain by the customer. 

Review and approval for fireline plans and inspection of fireline installations are an integral part of this program. Please contact City of Pickens Fire Department with questions.

For any question regarding the cross connection control program please email Cory Cox at


Approved Devices


General Testers