Planning Commission


The Planning Commission has a duty to engage in a continuous planning program for the physical, social and economic growth, development and redevelopment of the area within its authority. In carrying out its responsibilities, the local Planning Commission has authority to do all of the following things:

  • Comprehensive plan--prepare and periodically revise plans and programs for development and redevelopment of its area.
  • Implementation--prepare and recommend measures for implementing the plan by the appropriate governing bodies, including the following measures.
  • Zoning ordinances--prepare zoning ordinances, zoning district maps and necessary revisions.
  • Regulations for the Subdivision or Development of Land--responsible for overseeing the administration of land development regulations adopted by the Pickens City Council.
  • Policies and Procedures--recommendations to implement adopted comprehensive plan elements. These policies and procedures could cover such things as expanding corporate limits, extending public water and sewer systems, dedicating streets and drainage easements, and offering economic development incentive packages.

The Planning Commission is an advisory board to City Council with text amendments to the comprehensive plan and the zoning ordinance as well as rezoning requests. The planning commission can be asked to help with updates and overhauls of the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance as needed. City Council will make the final decision based on the recommendations of the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission meets once a month as needed.