City Lake Reservoir
Pickens Water Plant
City of Pickens Water Plant


System Description

The City of Pickens owns & operates a conventional service water treatment plant & associated potable water distribution system that serves a primary population of approximately 9,500 people via 3920 residential service connections & 375 commercial taps. The City of Pickens also provides water to Bethlehem-Roanoke Water District by way of master meter connections.
Raw Water Sources
The Treatment Plant's primary raw water source is a restricted activity, 250 million gallon reservoir on the North Fork of Twelve Mile Creek. The reservoir is owned by the City of Pickens. A secondary source of raw water is available from Twelve Mile Creek at the plant site.
Finished Water
The City of Pickens Water treatment Plant has a pumping capacity of 4 million gallons per day. The treatment plant has a 200,000 gallon clearwell at the plant site & 6 elevated & standpipe water tanks around the Pickens area for distribution. Also the distribution system could be served up to 4 mgd by the Greenville water System through a master meter connection and the associated pump station.